Institute of Economic Geography

Institute of Economic Geography

Throughout the history of the Cracow University of Economics economic geography has occupied a significant place as a teaching discipline and research subject. As a lecture subject and an organization unit economic geography has been present since the very foundation of the university in 1925, when it was named the Higher School of Commerce and later the Academy of Commerce. Between World Wars I and II the Institute of Economic Geography was managed by Ludomir Sawicki, Jerzy Smoleński and Walenty Winid. Wiktor Ormicki also belonged to its staff. After World War II the Academy of Commerce relaunched its activity and then the Institute of Economic Geography was managed by Józef Szaflarski and Władysław Milata.
The present Institute of Economic Geography was established in 1958 and since then it has been an active unit of the Higher School of Economics, later the Academy of Economics and the University of Economics (since 2007). The Institute was run by Jan Jańczyk, Andrzej Maryański, Mieczysław Mikulski, Tadeusz Kudłacz and since 2012 it has been managed by Bogusław Luchter.
The staff of the Institute is made up of four scientists: one “PhD habilitated” and three PhDs who deal with various issues regarding geographies of the world, Poland and our region. They are interested in geographical aspects of population, settlement (especially land use in urban space), agriculture and rural areas, industry, tourism (especially in mountain and protected areas), political geography (e.g. vexillology and heraldry of nations) as well as social and economic cartography. Principles of natural management, functioning of protected areas and spatial analyses with elements of GIS belong to the scope of research studies.

In its teaching and research activities the Institute cooperates with the Committee for Spatial Economy and Regional Planning, Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Urban Development, Polish Geographical Society, Polish Tourist Association and other organizations and institutions.
Staff members of the Institute deliver lectures and classes in diverse geographical subjects – first of all economic geography, political and economic geography, touristic geography, touring, social and economic cartography, geography of population and geographic systems of information. In the process of academic education staff members of the Institute not only deliver sound, current geographical knowledge but also focus their attention on training students in proper ways of thinking and being self-reliant in their views.
The Institute of Economic Geography has prepared numerous scientific and teaching publications; the latest and most important comprise: Basics of Economic Geography (2006), Krakow – the Outline of Changes in Economic and Spatial Development of the City (2012), Analysis of Geographic Elements and Their Symbolic Meaning on Flags and Coats – of – Arms of the Countries of Contemporary World (2002), Potential for Tourism Development in Landscape Parks of the Polish Carpathian Mountains in the Context of Sustainable Development (2010), Changes in Land Use in the Development of Kraków (2010), Geography of the Population of the World and Poland (2009), Basic Methods of Social and Economic Cartography (2004), Methodical Guidebook in Social and Economic Geography of the World and Poland (2010), Principles of Natural Management (2009), Elements of Population and Social Policies (1995), Methodological Geographic Guidebook for Krakow Academy of Economics’ Candidates (2002).

Office space of the Institute is sufficient, staff members have two spacious rooms with a library in their disposal. Various maps are displayed along the corridors of the building. In some cabinets there are teaching and research publications of the staff as well as samples of Polish natural resources. In other cabinets there are temporary exhibitions – the latest presenting the history of the Institute and examples of the most attractive natural environments in the world.

Employees: prof. UEK dr hab. Bogusław Luchter, dr Jerzy Wrona, dr Marcin Semczuk, dr Piotr Serafin, dr Bernadetta Zawilińska, mgr Piotr Węgrzynowicz.

Head of the institute:

Prof UEK dr hab. Bogusław Luchter

p.402 pawilon F,      tel. 12-2937462
Retired employee: 

Dr Jerzy Wrona

p.402 pawilon F,      tel. 12-2935391
Dr Marcin Semczuk p.403 pawilon F,       tel. 12-2935314
Dr Piotr Serafin p.401 pawilon F,      tel. 12-2935390
Dr Bernadetta Zawilińska  p.401 pawilon F,      tel. 12-2935390
Mgr Piotr Węgrzynowicz
p.401 pawilon F,      tel. 12-2935390

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