Institute of Urban Management

Institute of Urban Management

Mission of the Institute is teaching and scientific research in the field of spatial management, urban design, development of regional and local policy, land`s economy, revitalization of urban complexes, economic aspects of function of local government, problems of architecture and landscape with a particular focus on renovation of cities and urban landscape.
Educational activity of employees includes teaching on three levels (Bachelor`s, Master`s, doctoral), which is strongly supported by scientific research. They conduct education programs on the specializations of Spatial Management, Finance and Accounting and PhD studies.

Employees: dr Monika Musiał-Malago, dr inż. Dorota Jopek, dr hab. inż. Magdalena Zdun, mgr inż. arch. kraj. Laura Klimczak, dr inż. Mateusz Ilba.

Head of the institute:

Prof. dr hab. inż. arch. Aleksander Noworól

p.404 pawilon F,       tel. 12-2935533

Dr Monika Musiał-Malagó

p.403 pawilon F,       tel. 12-2935314
Dr inż. Mateusz Ilba p.418 pawilon F,       tel. 12-2935972
Dr inż. arch. Dorota Jopek  p.418 pawilon F,       tel. 12-2935972
Dr hab. inż. Magdalena Zdun p.418 pawilon F,       tel. 12-2935972
Mgr inż. arch. kraj. Laura Klimczak  p.404 pawilon F,       tel. 12-2935533

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